My parents tell me the story of when I was five years old...

I was at my great grandmother's house, messing around on her piano. She looked at me, then looked at my parents and said, "That kid has the music in him." I then proceeded to take piano lessons until I picked up my dad's old acoustic guitar...

Soon after learning some chords and notes with the "Guitar For Dummies" book, I purchased my first guitar. Soon after, I joined a band with my friends and we began jamming and playing at some shows. Eventually, I started recording my songs.

I began recording with a simple set up of a Line 6 pocket recorder. Then I recieved a condenser microphone, USB interface and recording software for Christmas one year. I used this setup until I went college. 

In 2015, I enrolled to Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Michigan as a commercial music guitar major. I spent a lot of my time practicing guitar and participating in the school's touring worship band "Red Letter Edition." Also, found opportunities for recording at school. I came into contact with some local producers and began working on my very first music video. After spending countless hours in the studio and in front of a camera, the video was released on May 20th, 2016. 

Then in the fall of 2017, I packed up my car and drove down south to spend the fall semester in Nashville, Tennessee. The program, called the Contemporary Music Center, gave me access to teachers who were current industry professionals, a look behind the curtain of the industry, and 24/7 access to state-of-the-art music equipment. I spent the semester writing, recording and performing new songs, collaborating with my peers and networking with other working musicians.

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